How do you implement agile marketing?

Can I implement agile B2B marketing easily? Yes!

Agile B2B marketing ensures you have the skills, creativity and resource on hand, when needed, to deliver effectively, aligned and focused marketing that is more likely to influence sales and growth. It gives you control over capital investment, creativity and of course costs!

What is agile B2B marketing?  In short… Its the process of creating proactive and reactive value messaging for your customers and prospects using a combination of in-house and expert external resource. (Wikipedia)

The secret implementing agile marketing successfully is how you build the resource and empower them. The model that works most efficiently is enhancing an existing team with ‘plug-n-play’ specialised skills and expertise from third-parties.

Questions that usually arise from this:

Do I need a massive b2b marketing team? – NO

You could have a team of 1 and still do it. It’s about combining internal, external resource effectively to deliver quickly. Find the right partners and you can do it all – but 100% external resource is likely to be as creatively limiting as 100% internal resource.

Do I need massive budgets? – NO

If you outsource and create agile marketing projects it means you are limiting your capital expenditure so more money can be spent on the marketing itself. Projects can be as big or as small as they need to be and given the speed they can be turned around more easily. You won’t be wasting cash on big agency retainers or high staff costs so you’ll be quids in.

Do I have to lower my creative expectations? – NO

In fact, raise them. Agile means picking the team to do the job, not relying skills you have or the skills currently on the payroll of big agency in big offices with a big salary bill. There are a lot of niche, brilliant smaller agencies and freelancers ready to deliver superb creative without the old school compromise.

I’d have to give up senior strategy and insight though? – No.

Nope. You can hire in some brilliant B2B strategists and serious marketing bods as you need them. They’ll work with you to ensure your business objectives and needs of the customer are aligned. That can be tested, measured and enhanced through brilliant planning and insight.

How does Brewd know all this?

Because we are ex-big agency and corporate B2B marketers and agile marketing is what we do. We are an entirely agile business, designed to serve UK SMEs marketing needs no matter their internal resource, age or sector.

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