Making marketing simple for SMEs

Making marketing simple for SMEs… and adding value along the way

The B2B marketing process has become a whole lot for trickier for SMEs in recent times. There are several reasons for this (five to be exact, all of which you can read about in our blog “Why marketing has got so complex for SMEs”), but the ever-changing digital landscape and arrival of martech has a lot to answer for.

More and more of marketing budgets are being required to invest in software and technology. And then there’s the skills require to operate them, as well as producing the creative and the content. With so many factors to consider, it’s no surprise many SMEs shy away from marketing.

SMEs would change their view of marketing if they adopted a more agile approach.

What is Agile Marketing?

Agile Marketing is a more tactical approach to marketing planning, creation and implementation.  One where you identify and focus your team’s collective efforts on projects and campaigns that provide the highest value to your business. The heart of ‘agile’ is working cooperatively, measuring impact, learning and then continuously and incrementally improving the results over time.

The pillars of Agile Marketing

  • An overarching strategy guides the tactical planning
  • Responding to the need to change a plan when necessary
  • Employ rapid iterations over rigid colossal campaigns
  • Testing, facts and data trump opinion and conventions
  • Regular and consistent small experiments, rather than a few big gambles
  • Individuals and measured engagement over large markets
  • Recognising and valuing skills, expertise and ideas cooperatively
  • Collaboration and accountability rather than hierarchy and silos

How Agile Marketing can justify marketing investment

All businesses need to be able to justify investment in marcomms – but this couldn’t be truer of SMEs, where budgets are tighter and campaigns need to deliver a lot more bang for their buck.

Agile Marketing allows a business – no matter its size or resources – to create a complete and integrated marketing team without the capital investment headache. It allows for the combination of internal resource, agencies and freelancers, that plug-n-play with your business, to develop the insight, data and creative campaigns to ensure marketing success.

Agile Marketing allows SMEs to:

  • Respond quickly to changes in the market
  • Create and implement rapid campaigns that can be optimized over time
  • Experiment, learn and repeat ideas that succeed
  • Use input from various departments and external expertise to maximise marketing efforts
  • Justify choices in campaigns and projects with robust data and results
  • Collaborate and prevent a tunnel-vision approach to marketing and sales

Agile Marketing can help at each stage of an SME’s lifecycle too. Find out how making marketing simple for SMEs can benefit your business whether it’s starting up, growing or stalling.

Learn more about making marketing simple for SMEs at the SME Live 2018 on the 16th and 17th October 2018 at the NEC. Meet the Brewd team and hear Steev Glover, Strategist & Director, speak on Agile Marketing for SMEs.