Agile marketing – is it the perfect SME solution?

Agile Marketing – is it the perfect SME solution?

Yes! Agile marketing can resolve capital investment, resource and cost issues without impacting on creative and ROI.

Marketing, perhaps more than any other element of business is beset with the constant ebb and flow of bullshit fads, trends and terminology. One that has arisen recently and actually has merit in this world of ‘martech’ (hate that!) and ‘social software’ is agile marketing. There are conveniently different versions of what it is (which seem dependent on what the company is selling) so we thought we would give you a practical overview.

The official agile marketing description:

Agile marketing is an organisational effectiveness strategy that drives growth through focusing team efforts on those that deliver value to the end-customer. Ownership and execution of work is managed by self-organising, highly iterative, cross-functional, and flexible teams (internal, external or combined) empowered to identify and deliver customer value.

What that means in reality:

Put the customer comes first. Identify what they want and need and then create value propositions, products, offers etc that meets that need. It can be strategic or tactical by definition. The key is that the best people and skills are empowered to get shit done quickly.

Agile marketing is as much an attitude as it is a process. The secret to doing it successfully is how you build the resource and how you then empower them. The model that works most efficiently is enhancing an existing team with ‘plug-n-play’ specialised skills and expertise from third-parties.

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