Six business reasons why agile marketing is ideal for SMEs

Six business reasons why agile marketing is ideal for SMEs

Is it any surprise that more and more SMEs are shying away from marketing? Marketing has become complicated and expensive. While audiences are easier to find and reach, have become harder to meaningfully engage with. And the advent of marketing technology is swallowing up marketing budgets left, right and centre… without any guarantee of an ROI. But there is another way SMEs can reap the rewards a coherent marketing campaign can bring, without committing to the resources required to implement and manage such a process. It’s called agile marketing.

‘What is it’ we hear you cry? Well, quite simply, it’s pooling the skills of agencies and freelancers, as and when you need them, project by project, to address the needs of your business.

Here are six reasons why agile marketing is ideal for SMEs…

  1. Costs are lower thanks to less up-front capital investment in tech and staff

Using an agile partner prevents investment in expensive software until you know you need it and can prove the financial imperative.

  1. Lets you plug-n-play niche skills into your business

Many key marketing skills are niche and aren’t needed all the time. An agile partner plugs in as and when your strategy, campaign and project needs them.

  1. Brings a fresh perspective

An agile marketing agency will have fresh, smart and engaging ideas on tap. It’ll provide broader creative solutions to marketing challenges and help your team be more proactive.

  1. Creates stand out with targeted, responsive content

Agile agencies have access to skills and technologies that allow you to deliver personalised digital and mobile content to your audience, helping you stand out over and above the competition.

  1. Shows the value in marketing through pre-agreed metrics

Agile partners should work with you to establish what your marketing needs to achieve and agree a measurable plan against business objectives. Detailed ROI information can be provided through the smart use of software and CRM tools.

  1. Provides better value

Utilising the skills and resources of third-party agile partners lets you focus more of your budget on the actual campaign and less on upfront processes.  Plan, create and deliver for less; without large retainers and huge upfront costs, you can focus budgets on audiences at key times in your sales cycle.

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