BackOffice Associates

BackOffice Associates is a global leader in data management and data migration services. They wanted to create content marketing that engaged specific buyers and managers within targeted customers and territories to drive awareness of their ADM (DSP) product as the ‘de-facto’ best option to include in any significant data migration project with SAP.

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BackOffice Associates


Data / Technology / SaaS


Content Marketing / Copy / Design


Brewd developed the campaign concept of creating an 80% generic piece of evergreen product content – but targeting it to specific customers within specific territories. Each market would receive geotargeted paid and organic social and LinkedIn messaging would be sent to specific targets before they then received the personalised and language specific piece of print.

Campaign breakdown:

  • 5 territories – UK, Spain, Germany, France & Nordics
  • 4 languages
  • 30-40 companies per territory
  • 3-4 contacts within each company


  • To position Advanced Data Migration as the premier data migration solution
  • Specifically target problematic data services using SAP
  • Drive sales in several underperforming territories


  • Aligning single value proposition across 5 territories
  • Multi-territory and language content production and approval
  • Isolating key individuals and company data
  • Coordinating print, dispatch and digital campaigns
  • Producing personalised content marketing that offers genuine territory and business insight
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The campaign concept and multi-territory proposition was 'The Secret Ingredient'. Reduce complexity, cost and risk. Insist on adding the secret ingredient to successful SAP data migration projects.

Advanced Data Migration by BackOffice Associates

  • Digital / Social campaign – highlight ‘need’
    Series of paid and organic ‘need’ posts in all of the target languages. Highlight benefit and inclusion process of ADM. Used the unique cover designs (territory specific) as primary visual for all messaging to keep territory visual branding consistent and memorable.
  • Send personalised ‘tease’ letter to all recipients
    Single page personalised letter – teaser for the personalised brochure and personally signed on company letter head. 85% generic content but with a company/territory specific paragraph based on the value proposition.
  • Send 8 page report defining ‘need, benefit & action’
    5 territory designed solution brochures – personalised covers (Name, company & position) Country specific visuals / imagery based on ‘Secret Ingredient’ theme and country specific CTA and contact details. Brewd developed all content and copy as well as the full design and print process.
  • Sales call and follow up
    Delivered by BackOffice Associates themselves


  • Successful Autumn deployment in all territories
  • Sales enquiries within targeted territories up by 30%
  • ADM project sales totalling $200,000 in six months of the campaign

What they said

“Brewd developed an innovative and creative approach to a specific sales need. They offered a full end-to-end service that worked really well. It’s a blueprint for future campaigns.”

Jamie Kelly

EMEA Marketing Manager

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