Intersoft had been a leading player in delivery management software for over 25 years. However, its brand and messaging had become dated and stale, and the client realised that their innovation and market-leading solutions were no longer represented by the brand. They first came to Brewd in 2018 and we’ve worked together ever since.

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Brewd were tasked with auditing Intersoft’s brand and market positioning and making topline recommendations. This was followed by a collaborative series of workshops to rewrite the business proposition and marketing messaging. The final objective was to refresh the visual identity, ensuring the value of the brand heritage was retained but brought to life for a new era for the business.


  • Redefine the brand and proposition
  • Identify the audience personas and recreate the marketing messaging
  • Design a new visual brand identity
  • Design and build the new website


  • Repositioning a brand with 25-years’ heritage
  • Retain the good but losing the bad of an established brand
  • Ensuring the brand could flex to meet the next 25 years of business
  • Delivering the project amid the background of Brexit and unprecedented industry change
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Brewd began by conducting an independent audit of the current brand, website and current messaging. We provided a detail proposal for next steps and actions. The first of which was a dual workshop strategy to define

Workshop 1 - brand and proposition.

Workshop 2 - audience and messaging.

It was essential to ensure all senior stakeholders were aligned and in agreement on the new approach. And there was a consistent view of competitors and the commercial priorities of the business that the new brand and messaging would serve.

The outputs to these workshops was a fully realised brand and corporate identity, a complete brand and value proposition, key target persona and messaging matrix and full marketing and new content strategy. Brewd then began the development of the company website and core marketing content, and have remained as Intersoft’s core design and content agency


  • New brand and marketing proposition delivered Q1 2019
  • Website launched March 2019
  • Content marketing design and creation is ongoing
  • Launched new brand animationApril 2020
  • Business growth has been double digit each quarter since Q3 2019
  • Site visits and leads generated have increased 190% year on year

What they said

"Our brand heritage was maintained but given the modern visual boost it needed. We now have a confident value proposition that is spearheading success sales, marketing and brand campaigns. We have had our best year ever since the relaunch.”

Steve Sneath

Sales & Marketing Director

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