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As an industry innovator within the Global Mobility sector, Global Expat Pay needed a tool that would help its target market understand its product offering and its value to their business. Brewd worked with Global Expat Pay to develop an online self-diagnostic tool that would allow them to build their database of prospects.

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Global Expat Pay


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When Global Expat Pay launched an industry-transforming product within the Global Mobility sector, it needed an engaging way to help its audience understand the value its solution could deliver. They needed to help potential customers identify the operational challenges their Global Mobility function faces daily, and then educate them on how Global Expat Pay’s combined technology and management service can overcome them, delivering time and cost savings, and adding value to the business.  Global Expat Pay and Brewd collaborated on this project to deliver the solution from first brief to completion in just eight weeks.


  • Position the Global Expat Pay offering within the Global Mobility market
  • Illustrate the product value to the business/sector
  • Align the product with each prospect’s unique challenges
  • Build a database of potential customers
  • Gather market data


  • Articulating the value of Global Expat Pay’s solution to Global Mobility functions
  • Helping Global Mobility teams identify and embrace a new, more efficient way of working
  • Getting established brands to buy-in to a new Global Mobility service and technology  
  • Building a database of prospects
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Brewd worked with Global Expat Pay to develop a responsive online self-diagnostic tool. Designed using a complex logic system, the self-diagnostic takes the user through a series of linked questions and, based upon their responses, generates an email report that outlines their challenges, how Global Expat Pay’s tool can overcome them and gives an indication of the time and cost savings the function could achieve by implementing the solution. With the user’s contacted details required to generate the self-diagnostic tool report, Global Expat Pay has the means to follow up with potential leads and have an informed conversation about their specific challenges.

In addition, the tool has created a valuable database and provided insight into the sector. The outcomes have helped to shape market insight reports, thought leadership content and drive social media campaigns.

As well as being hosted on the website, with marketing campaigns and content driving leads to the web page, the tool has also proved invaluable at events or customer meetings, providing an interactive tool that helps shape discussions.


  • Fully interactive online self-diagnostic tool
  • Automatically generated email response sent to the user, outlining the results and savings achievable
  • Data capture tool for new business leads
  • A greater understanding of the specific challenges of prospects
  • Access to relevant data for thought-leadership and sector-relevant content

What they said

“The online self-diagnostic has been vital to the launch of our business. It’s a driver of traffic to our website, has helped us make inroads with new leads and even given us an enhanced understanding of where our customers greatest challenges lie. The tool is integral to everything we do and has proven a solid investment.”

David McAlister

Chief Customer Officer, Global Expat Pay

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