How Agile Marketing can grow a SME business

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Maintaining a healthy pipeline of MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) and SQLs (sales-qualified leads) can be tricky as an SME business grows. Peaks and troughs are often inevitable, but marketing can be key to ensuring a consistent source of leads to avoid the spikes and slow-downs. But with many small to medium-sized enterprises limited on marketing resource, both in terms of budget and expertise, it can often fall by the wayside.

But all hope is not lost.

SMEs that don’t have the capital to justify the investment on in-house resources can utilise the plug-n-play expertise of agile marketers. Opting for an Agile Marketing solution allows businesses to invest in niche skills and technologies when the business requires it, without the large retainers that come with traditional marketing agencies or the huge upfront costs of martech (aka marketing technology). It allows SMEs to focus on audiences at key times in the sales cycle – such as when they want to maintain sales leads and grow a business in its market. Here’s how…

The fast-growing SME issue

How do you generate interest, leads and sales consistently as you grow? Particularly if there isn’t the expertise within the business to plan and execute targeted campaigns.

Our SME Solution

Loop in the skills of marketing experts to deliver integrated marketing solutions that target smaller audience groups to generate better MQLS and faster SQLS, repeating the process for existing and lapsed clients. Existing data and desk research can be used to define these audiences, with targeted content then used to address pain points and engage with customers.

Agile marketing services

Agile marketing can help with:

  • Insight and marketing planning
  • Creative campaign development
  • Content, digital, creative and campaign management

Gone past the point of growth and feel like your business is stalling? Then read our blog “An agile solution to stalling sales”.

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How Agile Marketing can grow a SME business
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