How B2B creative agencies are going agile

We're often asked – “What will the creative agencies of the future look like?” we reply – ‘Well we know what they won’t look like!’.

We have always been a firm believer that it’s talent, ideas and execution that matter. Not bricks, location or how you dress. Technology, HR and the law have finally combined to allow for a genuine ‘flex-appeal’ and agile model of working. This has been a trending view in recent years and we have gone from oddity to accepted soothsayer!

What will happen and what must creative agencies accept?

The big agency office will die – be agile!

Does everybody need to sit in one space every day? No. A big central city office is an anachronistic millstone that kills profit and drives up costs. Smart investment in collaborative platforms, switched on management and a strong briefing/sharing culture largely render the need for the one big workspace redundant. It makes us cheaper and more profitable.

Working culture – Flex appeal people

Now it can’t be a totally virtual world. Humans are collaborative and social by nature. Smaller offices, co-work hubs that offer a fluid work/life balance must be the norm. Forgetting commuting, give working parents the flexibility they need. Forget 9-5. Give people greater options and choice and manage the client relationship accordingly. Good people get it. We know because ours do!

In house? Outhouse – it’s just one agile team.

What do you really need as permanent staff? What can plug-n-play services do? Finance, Legal, HR, Recruitment etc. The agile word is a challenge to how you manage resource, not the resource itself.  It’s a digital 24hr creative world and as one side of the world sleeps so a briefed and engaged team on the other can pick up the work. Its how we work and how we plug-n-play into our client’s specific resource needs.

Turning bad work and bad clients down

Too many agencies have that client – the one that is ‘too big to fail’. Usually, bad payers on the lowest rate and they bully agencies because they know having them on your roster and the lure of those big budgets is too much to resist. It’s non-profitable work. No more – a client must share your values and you theirs.

Invest don’t spend…

People are the essential investment. Hire based on values and talent. Is a graduate a must? Why is ‘x’ years experience an absolute? Create a culture, environment and structure that allows people to develop. Embrace virtual and flexible working hours via brilliant collaboration software and a clear intelligent objective based reward culture. Look to talent pools you may have ignored. We have and it’s been so rewarding.

Brewd believe in marketing made simple and delivered via the agile model. It’s how all creative agencies will work. So work for us, with us and in partnership. Talk to us.

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How B2B creative agencies are going agile
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