B2B Startups need agile marketing to launch effectively

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As we move out of pandemic mode, start-up and established businesses need to embrace an agile way of working so that they can flex to the fast changing demands of the market. Agile Marketing is perfectly placed to support with this.

Agile Marketing is the approach of bringing in specialist expertise (strategists, creative designers, web designers, copywriters, etc.) as-and-when your business requires them. This removes the need for an in-house team or the costly retainers often put in place by traditional marketing agencies. Get the low down in our blog “Making marketing simple for SMEs… and adding value along the

For SMEs just starting out, it allows them to utilise the expertise and skills of agile marketers to define the who, when and what of the brand without making a huge capital investment upfront. Having these in place sets a solid foundation for the brand identity, making prospects aware of who you are and what you offer. Here’s how…

B2B startup issue

How does a B2B Startup develop a brand and value proposition with limited or no marketing resource and budget?

Agile solution

Plug a team of marketing experts into the business to help develop the plan. Working with key teams within the Startup, a brand and value proposition is created to meet business objectives. Agile marketers can help put in place marketing fundamentals – such as PR, social media and a website – to get the business up and running with its own identity, without the need for a resource-intense in-house marketing team.

Brewd services

Agile marketers can help with:

  • Marketing planning
  • Value proposition development
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Content
  • Campaign implementation

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B2B Startups need agile marketing to launch effectively
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